Do you do high tech P.R.?

If so, I'd like to have a word or two with you.

 I'm the online news editor and computer columnist at the Houston Chronicle. I no longer cover technology for the daily paper - my primary job is managing the day-to-day news operation of our Web site. Although I used to cover the high-tech beat for the Chronicle, I have not done this since Aug. 2000. The only technology-related writing I do at all anymore is my column, in which I review consumer PC hardware and software, and occasionally address computing issues; and my TechBlog, which also focuses on consumer products and issues.

Yet, I continue to receive phone calls and e-mail from PR folks wanting to pitch me stories on business technology. Really, no kidding - I don't do that anymore. Unless you are pitching me consumer PC hardware or software for review (and doing so by e-mail only, please!) these contacts are a waste of your time, and mine.

 I like public relations people, don't get me wrong. In fact, in another lifetime, I used to be one. But in this age of electronic communication and instant information, checking a few facts before making a pitch can save us both some aggravation.

 I'd like to offer some tips on how to contact me, in hopes of making your job - and mine - a little easier.

 Click on the headlines for the details.

E-mail me! I prefer e-mail (plain text, no attachments) over all other forms of communication. It's great! If you read no other sections here, please read this one!
Use the Web! Save trees & time! Put your press releases on your Web sites.
Efficient pitching Know what I do before you reach out and touch me.
Fax & phone Yikes! I'm on deadline! 
And in conclusion... It's very simple, really.


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